We are excited to announce that Alger Parks and Recreation Department has launched its new website (www.algerparksrecdept.com)! In addition to an updated “look and feel,” the new site provides you more information about the programs and facilities we offer. It also offers easy access to registration forms.

We hope you’ll enjoy using the new site — and share it with your friends to help them to learn more about APRD and the programs and activities we offer. Our goal is for our webpage to provide you up-to-the-minute information about all the activities we offer. But we also hope you’ll never hesitate to call or stop by if you have questions or just prefer to talk to a human being!

Review the site index below for a summary, and take a tour of the site today!

Site Index

Image of APRD's new home pageHere is an index of the new APRD web page, summarizing what you’ll find and where:

  1. Home — This page includes our Mission Statement and links you to our APRD Calendar and other features.
    • BoardHere you’ll learn about the people behind the scenes who make APRD tick! You can also find our APRD Board Agendas and Meeting Minutes here.
  2. Programs — This landing page summarizes the programs offered by your APRD!
    • Youth ProgramsProvides basic information about our youth programs and policies.
    • Adult ProgramsProvides basic information about our adult programs and policies.
    • Senior ProgramsProvides basic information about our senior programs and policies.
    • Concert in the ParkDescribes the summer Concert in the Park series.
    • Market WalkOverview the partner-supported winter Market Walk program on this page.
    • Fuzzy Boyak Memorial Golf Tournament — Provides information about the annual golf tournament.
    • Register — All the forms and info you need to register for a class or gym membership are filed here.
    • Fees — Our fee structure and funding are covered here.
  3. Facilities — The facilities landing page overviews the APRD’s Central Community Center, including rental policies. Also includes a list of organizations co-located in the CCC.
    • Fuzzy Fitness CenterDescribes the Fitness Center facilities and membership.
    • Superior Playland Indoor PlaygroundProvides photos and information about our amazing indoor playground.
    • Meeting RoomsHere you’ll find basic information about meeting rooms.
  4. CalendarHere’s where you can see what APRD offers each and every day! Includes the site’s Search widget.
  5. News — Visit our news blog to learn about current events at APRD and read about what’s to come!
  6. Contact — On this page you’ll find an easy contact form for asking questions, offering suggestions, providing feedback or leaving testimonials. Includes the site’s Search widget.