One of APRD’s priorities is helping Alger County youth live healthy, happy lives! Throughout the year, we offer a variety of programming for youth and families. For current and upcoming class offerings, see our Calendar. Below, find a summary of our seasonal programming.

Kids hiking into woods with day packs on their backs

Membership (Youth Contract) is not required for participation in classes. To participate in a class, register now! (Also, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles: You can purchase a Gift Certificate today for that special someone!) For info on fees, learn more here.

Programs & Activities

This list is intended to give you a general idea of our past annual program schedule so that you and your child can consider how to get involved! For our current class offerings, see the Calendar!


  • Youth Recreation Contract– Youth are allowed into the Central Community Center Gymnasium and may participate in various programming with the approval of APRD and adult supervision/instructor/coach. Youth sign a contract and verify understanding of Central Community Center rules. Membership is immediately revoked without refund with any infractions.

Winter (Jan-Mar)

  • Tumble Bugs
  • Karate

Spring (Apr-Jun)

  • Baseball
  • T-Ball

Summer (Jun-Aug)

  • DayKamp
  • Soccer

Fall (Sept-Dec)

  • Youth Flag Football
  • Gymnastics